Volt are one of the leading brands in the market right now, offering exceptional e-bikes at competitive prices. We are proud to be one of the UK's top distributers,and keep a good range of volt bikes in store. 
Their products offer exceptional quality, they are innovative and very rider friendly. We love them!
Their reliability is a result of over ten years product refinement and hard work. Thank you Volt!

                See the full range at Voltbikes.co.uk

Raleigh is one of the uk's oldest and most loved bicycle manufacturers.
They have worked hard to ensure they have not been left behind with the new trend in E-bikes.
WilliamsCycles is one of the longest standing dealers in the Country and we keep a range of Raleigh e-bikes in store.
Raleigh excel at offering good value for money and have delivered some great E-bikes around the £1000 mark this year.

                     See the full range at Raleigh.co.uk

One of most popular E-bike manufacturers offering great products with top quality components.
Ridgeback exclusively use Shimano's steps systems on their E-bikes and offer top of the range bikes at competitive prices.
Ridgeback use the Nexus Di2 hub gearing on their top models giving automatic shifting. An exceptional feature that is loved by a lot of our customers. It compliments an e-bike extremely well.

                  See the full range at Ridgeback.co.uk

Diamondback have launched their brand new full suspension E-mtb range and we are happy to have a full stock in store. These bikes are serious!
Rugged, lightweight frames, well engineered geometry, top end components and powerful torque motors make these bikes well sort after.

Boasting Shimano steps e8000 systems on the higher end models and Bosch on the rest you get excellent quality assurance with these E-bikes. No costs have been spared.
Minimise the climbing and maximise your downtime on the mountain!

        See the full range here at diamondback.co.uk