Guide to buying a Road Bike

Why A Road Bike?

Road bikes are as the name suggests, great at riding on the roads. The bikes predominantly come equipped with very thin tyres and a light weight frame. The drop handlebars offer multiple positions during your ride, with each position suited for a certain purpose. Due to the geometry and aerodynamics of these bikes, you may find them too uncomfortable to ride as a daily commuter, or without any form of padded clothing. 

Amongst the road bike image, you will see a slightly more relaxed 'endurance road bike'. These bikes are much more comfortable and usually have all the bolt points necessary for a full-type mudguard and a rack to carry all your day-to-day luggage. The tyres on these models are increased slightly in size to accommodate for the extra weight of your luggage.

These bikes are a favoured option for the commuter who wants to get there before anyone else. 

Pros: Light-weight construction ; Very aerodynamic making it extremely agile and quick.

Cons: In-able to carry luggage on certain types ; Lightweight tyres can be prone to punctures ; Look very desirable to thieves.

Top Picks

This is a selection of bikes that we would consider our go-to bikes. This selection is suited to both beginners and experienced riders. We have arranged these into categories to make it easier for you to determine what level of bike to purchase.

Up to £550

This is the Adventure Ostro. A great entry level road bike. Full aluminium road bike with a slightly more relaxed geometry. RRP £400

This is the Specialized Allez E5. A great bike that is an excellent buy for any new road bike cyclist. Featuring full aluminium and 8 Speed Claris Groupset. RRP £525 (available in 2 colours)

The Specialized Dolce is the ladies equivelant of the Allez. Aluminium frame and a carbon fork keep the weight down on this bike. RRP £525 


The Delta 10 is Genesis' entry level ladies bike. The double-butted aluminium frame keeps the weight down but maintains the strength, and the claris groupset will give you a good range of gears for any hill. RRP £649.99
The Equilibrium is the first of many in the Genesis line to have a steel frame. Constructed with Mjölnir steel frame and a carbon fork. This bike can do anything from commuting to touring. RRP £999.99
The x-bow is Ridleys entry level gravel bike. Equipped with a tiagra groupset and dual-cam disc brakes, this bike will handle anything you throw at it. RRP £999.99
The Saracen Hack 2 is a great bike for any commuter that wants to have the ability to carry their files to work, but do a weekend road race. A full carbon fork and a tiagra groupset keep you going for miles and miles. RRP £999.99
The Allez e5 Elite is a nicely spec'd road bike from Specialized. Constructed from their Premium E5 Alloy tubing for the frame and a carbon fork. This bike will keep you going faster each day. RRP £800.00
The Dolce e5 Elite is the ladies equivalent of the Allez Elite. The light weight frame and fork combination paired with a tiagra groupset will help you maintain your cadence on even the biggest of hills. RRP £900.00


The Datum 20 is a popular model from Genesis. Featuring a full carbon frame and fork paired with a 105 Groupset. This bike will definitely turn some heads. RRP £2099.99

The Fenix SL is a mid-range model from Ridley. Filled with carbon goodness and a nice 105 groupset, this model is a pure bred race machine. RRP £1899.99

The Tarmac SL4 Sport is Specializeds entry-level carbon race bike. This uses a more aggressive geometry over the Allez. Great for anyone that wants to race all weekend. RRP £1700.00

The Equilibrium 30 is  Genesis' high end steel model. Built using Reynolds 725 steel, this bike will be a great contender to any carbon bike. RRP £1999.99
The Saracen Hack in Black is a great alternative to a carbon road bike. Built using their hydro-formed aluminium tubing and paired with a 2x11 Shimano Groupset. RRP £1399.99
The Liz-C is from Ridleys Ladies range. Using their race-proven carbon frame and 11 speed 105 gearing. This bike is a great buy for any triathlete. RRP £1549.99
The Zero Z.1 is the entry-level carbon road bike from the Genesis range. Built using a Tiagra groupset and a sleek internally-routed frame. Perfect for anyone that doesn't want to break the bank. RRP £1699.99
The Roubaix Comp is an extraordinary model from Specialized. Using a FACT 10r carbon frame and fork. This model includes their 'Future Shock' suspension system. RRP £2650.00
The Amira Sport from Specialized is the ladies equivalent of the Tarmac SL4 Sport. A carbon frame and fork keep the weight down, whilst you power through the 105 11 speed drivetrain. RRP £1700.00