Want to get your children out on their bikes? Or simply need some advice? Come into Williams cycles. As a family run bicycle shop we have been selling bikes to families for generations. We see people who were bought their first bikes from us buying for their children, grand children and even great grandchildren! Our staff are always happy to offer you advice, all keen cyclists with lots of expertise to go on. Its always a privilege sending kids out safely on their bikes.

We stock children's bikes from 12-26" wheel as well as balance bikes, scooters, trailers and tag-a-longs.

Come in store or Contact us for more information.

Here are links to our main suppliers for children's bikes:

We may not have every bike from our suppliers in store but we will have a range of all sizes available to sit on for size. We are regularly ordering bikes in for customers, its quick and painless.

 From bikehub.co.uk Teaching your child to ride a bike

Balance Bikes

Balance bikes a fantastic product and a great way to prepare young children for cycling. Children as young as 18 months can scoot along.  We stock the Ridgeback scoot range and find them to be excellent value for money. With an aluminium frame, fully adjustable seat position and rear V brake.These are well worth the investment. They are available in two wheel sizes 12" and 14".


Children need to be confident on their bicycles to get the most benefit from cycling, having the right size and style of bike is essential to make them feel comfortable. We strongly advise bringing the child in to be sized up correctly. If a surprise is a necessity an inside leg measurement can be used as a general guide, this will give you some idea what size you need.