Cycleops Demo Centre


Here at Williams Cycles, we know the importance of keeping up your regular training throughout those cold winter months. However, not every one wants to go out in the long dark nights to get a few miles in whilst it is hammering down with rain. This is where turbo trainers and rollers come in to play. Turbo trainers are a nice little concept that allows you to rack up those miles whilst in the warmth of your home or garage. All you need to get started is a bike, turbo trainer/rollers, fan (optional) and a training program of your choice (optional). Indoor training has quickly become quite a popular choice for a lot of cyclist, with the advancement of smart trainers and virtual software. Smart trainers cover all the same basics as a regular trainer but with the added bonus of virtual integration. To put it simply, this system allows you to track all of your riding data such as, speed, cadence, distance and in some cases, power output. For a lot of people this cuts out the need to purchase expensive items such as power meters. With a smart trainer you can pair it to programs such as Zwift, MyTraining and other likewise training programs. Things like this can have the ability to increase your performance with great results.


For example, pairing up a smart trainer like the Cycleops H2 with a program like Zwift. You will be able to see all of your critical information as well as have the option to access specifically developed training programs. Zwift have contacted some of the worlds best training and fitness instructors to develop a load of training routines to suit every single persons requirements as well as routines for any type of training.

All of these things can be a lot to understand and take in without first being able to see and try the items mentioned above. Luckily, we are one of the few Cycleops Demo Centres in the country. We have a diverse range of turbo trainers for Cycleops as well as a few other brands. We also have a full Zwift centre integrated into this. This allows you to be able to try a turbo trainer as well as getting a hands on approach with the Zwift app.




The Cycleops Magneto trainer is one of their best non-smart magnetic trainers. The have redeveloped the way we look at magnetic resistance by eliminating the need for an independent controller to adjust the variable resistance. Instead, this trainer has what they call, progressive resistance. What this gives you is the ability to have different resistances levels without needing to adjust it by either a knob on the trainer or having to connect a cable to your handlebars. With the trainer all you need to do is pedal. The faster and harder you pedal, the more resistance you will encounter. This model is great for anyone that wants a turbo trainer without the hassle of using virtual apps.



The Cycleops M2 Smart trainer is one of the best in its class. This wheel-on trainer uses fluid as its progressive resistance rather than a magnetic system. What this does is allow the trainer to be quieter than a magnetic system as well as slightly more efficient. This trainer will feel a little more like riding on the roads, except for those pesky potholes. The M2 has all the benefits of a smart trainer so you can read all of your ride data on screen if your using an app like Zwift. This trainer also has a built-in power meter within the drive unit. The power meter is made by Powertap and gives you accurate results with as little as +/- 2%. With this trainer and training apps you can access their ERG mode. What this does is simulate the hills and terrain your a riding on. This really does take progressive resistance to the next level!




The Cycleops H2 Direct Drive Trainer is one of the best direct drive turbo trainers out to date. This trainer has all the benefits of a top-end wheel-on trainer but eliminates the need for a turbo trainer specific tyre. Direct drive turbo trainers also offer an almost life-like experience whilst cycling on them. As with most smart trainers, you will get all of the ride data analytics as well as their ERG mode function. Along with the M2 and a few other Cycleops trainers this model features a Powertap power meter built-in. Having a direct drive trainer allows you to be able to switch from riding indoors to a nice club ride outside in the matter of minutes. You simply remove the rear wheel to use the trainer and re-install the wheel when you want to go outdoors. Direct drive trainers are generally more expensive to start with but in the long run offer an all round better experience for the rider as well as a longer lifespan.