E-Bike Brands

Volt are one of the leading in the market right now, offering exceptional e-bikes at competitive prices. We are proud to be one of the UK’s top distributors. Their products offer exceptional quality, they are innovative and very friendly. We love them! Their reliability is a result of over ten years product refinement and hard work. Volt have recently moved their manafactruign process to the UK. Making them one of the only electric bike companies to be made in the UK.

Thank you Volt!

See the full range at Voltbikes.co.uk


Raleigh is one of the UK’s oldest and most loved bicycle manufactures. They have worked hard to ensure they have not been left behind with the new trend in e-bikes. Williams Cycles is one of the longest standing dealers in the country and we like to keep a range of Raleigh e-bikes in store. Raleigh excel at offering good value for money and have delivered some great e-bikes around the £1000 mark this year.

See the full range at Raleigh.co.uk



One of the most popular e-bike manufactures offering great products with top quality components. Ridgeback exclusively use Shimano’s Steps system on their e-bikes and offer top range bikes at competitive prices. Ridgeback use the Alfine Di2 hub gearing on their top models giving you automatic shifting. An exceptional feature that is loved by a lot of our customers. It compliments an e-bike extremely well.

See the full range at Ridgeback.co.uk



Haibike are one of the leading innovators in the E-bike industry. Using a mix of Yamaha and Bosch motors across their range. These guys have a very comprehensive range and their vision on electric bikes are changing the market for the best! This is German Engineering at its finest.
See the full range here at Haibike.com



To a glancing eye these just look like regular bikes, if you take a closer look you’ll see these are fully kitted E-bikes. Westhill have spent years making these bikes what they are today. Their bikes look like your ordinary bike and aren’t far off in the weight department either. Conquer those hills without anyone knowing your on an e-bike!
See the full range here at Westhillbikes.com