Electric Hybrid

An electric hybrid bike is simply an electrified version of a normal hybrid bike. Not to be confused with how a hybrid car works, a hybrid e-bike doesn’t rely on two fuel methods (unless you count your peddle power as a type of fuel). 

A traditional hybrid bike offers a midway solution between a full road bike and a mountain bike. They have flatter handlebars giving a more upright comfortable position (at the cost of a little speed). They also have slightly larger, fatter tires than a road bike adding to the comfort factor when going over rougher terrain too.  They also have the ability to accommodate a luggage rack, mudguards and usually have features such as built in lights.

This makes hybrid bikes ideal for the more casual cyclist who cycles around town or city and might encounter different terrains. 

Please see the links below for our recommended hybrid ranges.


Raleigh Motus

Haibike Trekking

Specialized Turbo Vado SL