Guide to Buying

At Williams we are happy to provide information to riders of all abilities, especially those who may be buying a bike for the first time.


We have put together a list of 5 key points to consider when buying a bike.


1. Function
It is very important to have a clear idea about where you will be using the bike. Different bikes are designed for different riding functions. Some are very specific while others will be multi-purpose. If you are looking for a bike to ride on trails with at the weekends then a mountain bike is probably best. If you are looking to ride to work then a hybrid will be more suitable. For those long distance journeys a touring bike will be ideal. It is important to start by finding the style of bike you need.


2. Size
Once you have selected the style of bike suitable for your needs you need to make sure you get the correct size. The size of the frame and its geometry are very important to get right. Riding a bike that’s the wrong size can be a terrible experience. At Williams we always try to encourage our customers to come in store and try the bikes out.Test rides are possible and we can adjust riding positions to suit. Manufacturers often give sizing charts, but they are far from foolproof. Investing in something that doesn’t fit is a pointless endeavour, come in store and make sure its perfect for you!


3. Price
Buying a bike is an investment for the future. There is no reason that a bike cannot last a lifetime with due care and maintenance. Bearing this in mind we suggest customers to consider the future when making their decision. You get what you pay for in this world, and this has never been more applicable in the cycling industry. It’s very easy to get drawn into buying a cheap bike from a big box discount. Short term – brilliant! But realistically the bike is likely to be cumbersome and the components are prone to wear faster than those on a higher specced model. This could become very frustrating and you will have to spend more money to get that better bike you should’ve bought in the first place! All together your cycling experience won’t be what it should be. Enjoyable!
When thinking about how much you want to spend, consider any accessories you may also beed with the bike (lights, locks, helmets etc.). At Williams we offer 10% discount off all accessories with any bike purchased plus free fitting.
Do also consider the various cycle to work schemes available. The schemes will offer a minimum saving of usually 25%. This will be applicable to the bike and the accessories.
At Williams we also offer finance schemes through Ride It Away.


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4. Listen to the experts
It sounds obvious, but listen to the experts, they can help you avoid getting overwhelmed by the choice, they can help narrow down your options. At Williams we’ve been offering our expertise for over 100 years. Any of our salespersons will be able to ask you questions, find out your needs and requirements. Then advise you which bikes would or wouldn’t suit you and why. You may also find certain things can be altered or adjusted on the bikes; tyres, saddle, grips, mudguards, racks, mirrors, lights, child seats, trailers and cycle computers are just a few things that can be changed and used to customise a bicycle to fit a riders needs. Things don’t always fit on bikes, child seats for example; They won’t fit on all frames, but there are sometimes ways of making them fit safely.


5. Future Care

Any bike you buy is going to need maintaining, you may need advice on how to keep your bike running tip top, or if something does go wrong a workshop for repairs and servicing. Bear this in mind; buying from an online dealer will massively limit the amount of after sales care that you should be given when you buy a bicycle. This includes warranty and returns, often an issue when buying online due to the cost implications of the return delivery. If your investing money into bicycle you should be safe in the knowledge that if something goes wrong you have someone to look after you. At Williams we offer a free 1st service on all geared bikes 4-6 weeks after the collection date.

Our workshop is efficient and maintains the highest standards and all our mechanics are Cyctec qualified. We will also deal with warranty requests and returns on your behalf when necessary .


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If you are looking for information on any specialist bikes please do not hesitate to contact us.