Heritage bikes are undoubtedly some of the best looking bikes on the market. These bikes are fantastic for cycling in and around town. Often referred to as ‘Dutch Style’ or ‘Sit up and Beg’ style bikes, they provide an excellent seating position whilst maintaining a lovely classic look. Heritage bikes are great for the day-to-day riding and short commuting.

Often equipped with a big basket at the front and a rear pannier rack to carry any additional luggage, you will never run out of carry space with these. We are lucky enough to still have a brand that hand-built these to order right here in the UK. Pashley have been the top tier in heritage bikes, with many companies using Pashley as their inspiration when producing bikes. The perfect bike for those warm summers evening picnics.Click any of the links on the right to explore the different brands that we stock in the heritage range.

If you require any more information or would like to enquire about any bikes in store, don’t hesitate to contact us.