KTM Hardtail

HUNTS YOU THROUGH THE DAY. A more affordable way to get into the uphill flow is offered by the MACINA RACE and MACINA RIDE models.

The MACINA RACE bikes are equipped with the 85NM BOSCH PERFORMANCE CX motor and the 500WH BOSCH POWERTUBE battery and are available in both 29 inch and 27.5 inch.

The RIDE still relies on our legendary and award-winning UNDERCOVER frame, which incorporates the BOSCH POWERBACK 500WH battery into the frame. The RIDE is powered by the BOSCH ACTIVE LINE PLUS motor.

In addition, there is the MACINA RIDE 491 model with the 40NM BOSCH ACTIVE LINE motor and 400WH POWERPACK battery. If you would like to view their entire range, please click the link below.