Stunt scooter is a specific term for a scooter that is made to be thrown about, taken to skateparks and used to perform tricks. They are based around the regular 2-wheeled folding scooters that you find in most toy shops. However, stunt scooters have been designed and developed to withstand the constant abuse that skateparks and endless tricks can throw at it. Gone are the folding mechanisms and cheap full plastic wheels. Instead, you get a fixed height scooter which can range in size depending on the brand. As well as, metal core scooter wheels. These changes along with a whole new material allows you to be able to throw it at anything and everything without the risk of it breaking every five minutes.

At Williams Cycles, we have aimed to offer you the best value for money when it comes to scooters. We offer everything from spare parts like bearings and wheels, all the way to complete scooters and full custom builds. Visit us in store or contact us for any information on parts or sizing of a scooter.


Grit Pro Scooters incorporate the latest in computer aided design techniques and constant feedback from its team riders around the world to produce some of the most advanced complete pro scooters and custom pro scooter parts on the market.  Using only the highest grades of raw materials, Grit Scooters design and manufacturing is constantly improving to ensure that Grit products stay at the forefront of extreme scootering.

Whatever your style, skill or discipline, Grit has the pro scooter for you.  Make Grit Pro Scooters your weapon of choice.




Crisp Scooters was conceived from the idea of a premium quality scooter with looks to match.  The Crisp production team set about searching for the best materials and craftsmanship to make the ultimate in scooter riding a reality. After a lot of testing, trial and error we unleashed our first premium scooter, The Ultima, in the sleek looking ‘Stone Silver’ and tough as ‘Black Chrome’.   The full range of parts soon followed.  The response was massive with the production team struggling to keep up with demand.