Top Picks Hardtail

At Williams cycles, we stock a large range of hardtail mountain bikes to suit anyone. We have listed below a few of our top picks. If there is any other models that you would like to enquire about, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The Merida Big Trail range is a fantastic entry into the performance level hartail MTB. The range starts at £1000 and finishes at £1600.
While clearly a trail loving long-travel hardtail, our new BIG.TRAIL also offers built-in versatility through hidden rack, fender and kick stand mounts in case you like to turn the BIG.TRAIL into a ‘SUV’ commuter. 



The Specialized Rockhopper range has been a staple model in their line-up forever. This offers a great introduction for any teenager whilst still catering towards the avid cyclist due to their numerous models in the line-up.
Prices start at £450 for the base model Rockhopper




The Merida Big Seven and Big Nine range is a great cross country mountain bike that is still capable of some gnarlier routes. Similar to the rockhopper they cater for anyone that can swing their leg over it.
Price on these models start at £450.